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Symantec pcAnywhere 10.x Trial Edition Installation Notes


Note: if using Microsoft Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 or Windows XP you must be logged in as a local Administrator.

Use Windows Explorer to run \PCANYWHR\TRIAL\SETUP.EXE on the Cadzow 2000 CD:

Follow the Wizard. When prompted, choose Typical:

Continue the Wizard. Finally the installation will prompt you to reboot the computer. Do so.

On the Cadzow 2000 CD under \PCANYWHR\PATCHES are a number of files named 10xxup.exe. Install each one by one, rebooting after each. Alternatively, run LiveUpdate to ensure pcAnywhere is fully patched.


Once the system has restarted, double-click the Symantec pcAnywhere icon on the desktop:

Click Hosts in the toolbar.

Right-click the Modem connectoid and choose Properties:

Ensure your modem has been selected in the Device List.

Click on the Callers tab:

Click the new Caller icon () and enter a username and password:

Click OK to complete setting up the user. Click OK to save the properties of the host.

Being A Host

Turn your modem on and ensure it is connected to a direct telephone line.

Double-click the Symantec pcAnywhere icon on the desktop.

Click Hosts in the toolbar. Double-click MODEM. The system will then be ready for incoming callers.

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