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Cadzow People Manager

The aim was to develop a simple but comprehensive package to track people and their details. This commercial package was written for small, medium and large organisations, both private enterprises and government. For 30 people to 20,000+.

Do you need maintain a register of people? Their contact details and skills? As well as other information such as their qualifications, memberships, referrals, skills, languages, community involvement, industry skills, detailed descriptions, photos and so on?

Do you need to quickly search on these people? Produce statistics? Detailed reports? Would you like an easy way to create labels and letters to these people?

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 people, Cadzow People Manager will look after your information.

The software is network ready and when combined with Cadzow Weblink your information can be made searchable on the internet (optional).

South Australian government departments and businesses have been using the software to maintain registers of:

  • Older Australians interested in government boards and community involvement.

  • Women interested in government and private boards.

  • Business Consultants looking for government and private projects.

  • Members of a business association (to encourage networking between members and non-members).

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