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Cadzow Software: Budget Reporting

Over time Budgets will be enhanced but beginning in Cadzow 2000 10.10.024 you can set up budget figures for analysis groups, organisations and stock items (later departments, sales people and even jobs). The budgets engine is very powerful and supports budget reporting by day, week, fortnight, month, 4-week, quarter, six-month, calendar year and financial year, for invoicing, purchasing, purchase orders, bookings and quotations (values and quantities).

Budget data entry supports multiple line items for each budget value so you can split the amounts to make it easier to understand. For example, a purchasing budget for a supplier might be $37,000, consisting of $7,000 for one contract and $30,000 for another, but in the future you might not remember how this value was derived. So you can use Cadzow 2000 to calculate budget values from source information using annotations rather than calculate them offline and then transcribe them back.

Another great feature of the budgets engine is that you can enter defaults, so if you have a weekly budget of $500 you can enter Period Type: Weekly, Year: 2004, Period: 0 and Amount: $500 and that amount will be applied to each period automatically instead of entering one line item for each of the 52 periods. The periods which differ can be entered as exceptions.

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