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Configuring Cadzow Weblink for non-Microsoft Browsers

Cadzow Weblink is a series of ASP.NET scripts which present information to web browsers as HTML. ASP.NET is the web scripting engine of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

By default, ASP.NET returns HTML version 4.0 code to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, and HTML version 3.2 to all other browsers. Therefore complex pages with controls such as fields, buttons and so on will not display properly on non-Microsoft browers, even though they are all typically capable of rendering HTML 4.0 code.

The solution is to force ASP.NET to use HTML 4.0 for all browsers. This is done by adding the following command to the web.config file:


This goes into the <system.web> section, that is, between <section.web> and </section.web>.

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