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Installing McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection

To install McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection:

  1. Log in as a user with local administrator privileges.

  2. Although McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection can uninstall other anti-virus products, it's best if you uninstall them manually and reboot before continuing.

  3. Connect to the internet and click the following link:

  4. You will be prompted for your email address:

    Enter it and click Continue. (If the system in question does not have a mailbox, enter either your main email address or a description of the system. The email address is not critical.)

  5. Next you will be prompted to run the download manager which will perform the main installation. Click Install and choose Run or Open when prompted:

  6. The installation will then download the software:

  7. After a few minutes (depending on your connection speed), the McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection components will be installed and start operating. The McAfee icon () will appear in the taskbar.

    If a machine on your network already has McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection installed, the system will copy the files from that machine rather than download the entire package again.

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