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Wonderful Vistas

The new version of Windows, previously known as Longhorn, will be called Windows Vista.

Windows Vista will be the “client” or “workstation” edition of Windows, the successor to Windows XP, and released in late 2006. The server version, the successor to Windows Server 2003, will be released in 2007, and will probably be called Windows Server 2007.

Windows 2000 was Windows NT 5.0, Windows XP was Windows NT 5.1, Windows 2003 was Windows NT 5.2 and now Windows Vista is Windows NT 6.0 … “6”, as in “VI”, geddit?

If you’re confused about the history of Windows, check out the detailed product map at You’ll still be confused, but it’s amazing nevertheless.

Google Earth

Speaking of vistas, if you have a broadband connection with plenty of download capacity, and you haven’t checked out Google Earth yet, you’re simply not wasting enough time. See if you can find your own house at, or look for cheap real estate at

    Note: Google Earth may cause your system to crash with a STOP error (bluescreen). This may be related to certain video drivers. Ensure you have the latest video drivers for your system.


When you’ve had your fill of a static and out-of-date view of the Earth, try a live! view with NASA TV: go to, click Watch NASA TV, go down to NASA TV via the Internet and click your favourite media player. When there’s a mission on, they broadcast it live. There’s no point trying to explain to your children or grandchildren how extraordinary this is, they simply won’t believe you.

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