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Cadzow 2000 Support for Lotus Notes

Cadzow 2000 supports sending email via Lotus Notes using the Simple MAPI interface and the Notes API. Because the two interfaces provide different features, Cadzow 2000 uses Simple MAPI in some circumstances (simple messages, plain text invoices, report snapshots) and the Notes API in others (bulk emails).

These features have been tested on Lotus Notes 6.5.4. Other versions may behave differently. It should not matter what the back-end configuration is, whether you use Domino Server or send/receive directly using the Internet.

Notes API

No special configuration is required for Cadzow 2000 to use the Notes API.

Simple MAPI

To configure Lotus Notes to act as the system's default Simple MAPI client for Cadzow 2000:

  1. Close Cadzow 2000.

  2. In Lotus Notes, open the File menu, choose Preferences, then User Preferences.

  3. Under Additional Options, place a tick next to Enable MS Office 97 SendTo to Notes.

  4. Click OK.

If the Enable MS Office 97 setting does not appear, this can be corrected by adding a REG_SZ entry called DLL32 with a value of C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\nmailman.dll (or whatever the appropriate path is) to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\8.0\Common\MAPIDLL in the Registry.

Lotus Notes Bugs which may affect Cadzow 2000

  • Message body not populated properly when sending via MAPI — introduced in Notes 6.5.5, fix yet to be announced.

  • Memory leak passing array of string variants to LotusScript (NORK6B6TE5) — fixed in Notes 6.5.5.

  • Length of addresses truncated after 255 characters from MAPI applications (KTOT6A5KZJ) — fixed in Notes 6.5.5.

  • In plain text emails, Notes may add a trailing backslash (\) to any URLs. When clicked, the page does not load properly if the URL contains a filename or parameters. (Cadzow Weblink sends notification emails in plain text.) Solution: manually remove the trailing backslash from the URL in the web browser.


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