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Internode Nodephone — Miscellaneous Snippets

Internode provide a voice-over-IP solution called Nodephone.

Sipura — Echo on Incoming Calls

  1. Log into the Sipura SPA-3000.

  2. Log in with Admin mode, then switch to Advanced view.

  3. Under the PSTN Line tab, at the base of the screen change the value for PSTN To SPA Gain and SPA To PSTN Gain.

    The default value is 3. Try 1 or 5.

    The valid values range from -5dB to 5dB.

Try calling 1800 801 920 to test.

Sipura Resources

Open 812L

AC-DC Adaptor specifications:

  • Model: SY-12080-AS

  • Input: 240V~50Hz

  • Output: 12V=800mA 9.6VA

Any generic adaptor with suitable specifications can suffice as a replacement.

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