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Disk Drive Erasing Service

Cadzow TECH Pty Ltd provides a hard disk drive erasing service for 2½" and 3½" parallel (IDE/PATA) and serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives.

There are three steps in the erasing process:

  1. High-level secure deletion of files on the disk.

    When completed, all files have been securely overwritten but the file system and partition tables are intact. Previously deleted files, and free space within file system structures such as the Master File Table (MFT) or File Allocation Table (FAT) are still readable at a low level. NTFS volumes (as used in Windows NT/2000 and above) can store small files in the MFT itself and these files are not securely deleted via this method.

  2. High-level overwriting of free space.

    When completed, all of the data area of the disk has been overwritten, but system areas such as the partition table, Master File Table or File Allocation table are still readable. Windows NT can store small files in the MFT itself and these files are not overwritten by this method.

  3. Low-level overwriting of the disk.

    When completed, all file system structures, partition tables and data areas have been overwritten.

Because of the time required to erase disk drives, we prefer to have the machine in our lab, but we can also supply an onsite service. If the machine is non-functional, we will remove the hard disk and erase it standalone.

Note that this service is not certified to any security standard, and no assurances are provided about recoverability of data from the drives. Drives which are being retired or junked should not be sold or given away after erasing, but destroyed physically.

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