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Exchange 2003: Restoring Mailbox Backup into Recovery Storage

  1. In Exchange System Manager, navigate to Administrative GroupsFirst Administrative GroupServers.

  2. Right-click <Server> and choose NewRecovery Storage Group. Accept or alter the path shown.

  3. Right-click Recovery Storage Group and choose Add Database To Recover. Select the mailbox store, then confirm the path and filenames.

  4. Right-click the store, and choose Mount Store.

  5. Right-click the store, and choose Dismount Store.

  6. When restoring via the Backup utility, ensure Last Restore Set and Mount Database After Restore are selected.

NB. If the Recovery Storage Group database already exists, delete the store, delete the files on disk and recreate as above before restoring.

See also How to use Recovery Storage Groups in Exchange Server 2003.

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