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Apple iOS / iTunes Bugwatch & Wish List


  • iTunes 12.2/12.3iCloud Download column can't be turned off permanently. It reappears eventually. [Seems fixed as of about 12.4/12.5]

  • iTunes 12.2/12.3 — Apps updated on the device are not copied back to the iTunes library. [This occurs because apps downloaded on the device are optimised for the device, so the app files are not necessarily appropriate for every other device. Thus there's no point keeping a copy in the iTunes library. Apps downloaded via iTunes are the “full” package and can be applied to any device. Furthermore, as of iTunes 12.7, apps are not managed via iTunes.]

  • iTunes 12.3 — Smart Playlists which contain no entries will not sync to iOS devices. The version of the playlist that appears on the iOS device will be the last-synced version from when it wasn't empty. [Resolved]

  • iTunes 12.3.2 — The iTunes Store flickers. [This was corrected by a reissue of the installer for iTunes 12.3.2, but not via Apple Software Update. Download the full installer from and reinstall.]

  • iTunes 12.7 — Play counts and dates are not updated when playing tracks. [This may be resolved by signing out from iTunes under AccountSign Out, then sign back in.]


  • iCloud for Windows 4.2, 5.x will consume large amounts of memory after a few days, causing elevated CPU activity (and often corresponding fan activity). Eventually Outlook will not sync to iCloud, and may continually show the Go Online button or show Needs Password. Log out and log back in to remedy (or may be necessary to reboot). [Largely resolved in iCloud 6.x]


  • iOS 9.1Music app may repeat songs when playing a playlist in shuffle.

  • iOS 9.1 — When a phone call is in progress, notifications, email alerts and messages will still pop up and sound their alerts.

  • iOS 9.1 — There is no longer an ability to assign a silent ring tone to a contact.

  • iOS 9.1 — If a blocked contact has too many (around 10) phone numbers, the call will still be received.

  • iOS 9.2 — If the device is in “Do Not Disturb” mode and a message arrives from a contact that has been Favourited in the Phone app, there will be no notification. [This has been largely remedied by the “Emergency Bypass” option in iOS 10.]

  • iOS 9.2 — When adding an Exchange account to the Mail app, the Autodiscover process fails and reports “Exchange Account — Unable to verify account information”. This occurs if https://<domain> returns some HTML but where https://<domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml does not exist. The process should then try to resolve https://autodiscover.<domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml but it stops. This can be worked around by ensuring either that <domain> does not resolve to anything (as opposed to www.<domain>) or that no services are available on port 443 at <domain>. [Also see]

  • iOS 10 — When searching for a contact by swiping down, after tapping on the contact it sometimes shows a blank screen. [Resolved in iOS 11.]

  • iOS 10 — When playing a track with Remember Playback Position enabled, iOS ignores the playback position and doesn't remember it to sync back to iTunes. [Seems fixed in iOS 11.x]

  • iOS 11 — VIP status from random contacts are forgotten, even after being reinstated. Or the VIP status does not appear properly in Mail. For example, in the Inbox view, the VIP status for a contact is not shown:

    But in the message view:

  • iOS 11 — If the device has been placed into Do Not Disturb mode manually, and if it subsquently goes into DND mode because the user is driving, calls will still be received. [Seems resolved as of iOS 12]

iOS Wish List

  • When entering Do Not Disturb mode, whether manually or automatically, the iPhone/iPad should also enable Low Power Mode.

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