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Programming LLDP762-K16128 Remote LED

The Remote LED sign can be programmed to display a variety of messages. To display a simple message:

  1. Use the controller's Power button to turn on the display.

  2. The existing program will display.

  3. Press ESC on the controller.

    The screen says:

    1.ED TEXT

  4. Press ENTER.

    The screen says:


  5. Press ENTER.

    The screen shows > or the existing message.

  6. Use the DEL key to delete the existing message (one character at a time).

  7. Enter the new message.

  8. Press ESC.

    The screen shows:


  9. Enter Y.

    The screen goes back to:


  10. Press ESC.

  11. Press ESC.

    The message will display.

(Note when using the controller, ensure there is a direct line of sight between the sign and the controller.)

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